Education Leads To Peace

According to the United Nations report, quality education is the foundation to solve every challenge the world is facing today.
When someone asked the Gen Z climate activist Greate Thunberg what one thing people should do to save the world & she says, “It would be to inform yourself.”
2500 years ago Kapilavastu’s prince Siddhartha got enlightenment and he became the Buddha. The Buddha word that originated from Buddhi means intellect from an ancient language Pali, so the Buddha means intellectual, knowledgeable or wise man. Learning broadens the horizon of every mind to see things from different points of view; new possibilities open up to spread the word of peace and harmony, in the true essence that Buddha advocated.
‘Love and Compassion’ have been the strongest arsenals and will continue to conquer humans for centuries to come.

Florence Biennale Diary

Over 2500 years ago, the lone, powerful voice of Lord Buddha served to quell the fears of mankind and worked to bring people together by showing the way forward through the exercise of love, compassion and non-violence. That esteemed philosophy, birthed out of Enlightenment, helped spread the message of Peace and goodwill, that is as relevant now as it was when those words were first uttered millennia ago. We are therefore secure in the knowledge that there is no darkness that can conquer dawn.

I dedicate my work to the life and teachings of Gautama Buddha, and trust that the artworks will inspire you as much as they invigorated me while creating them. Let us collectively affirm to renounce negative thoughts, words and deeds; and instead, embrace the all-encompassing virtues that have been bequeathed to us by the Buddha.

Peace Messenger

Empires have risen and fallen. Civilizations reached the pinnacle of their glory and disappeared without a trace. Wars have been waged down the millennia, and a great tumult clouded our very existence. But the one beacon of hope that has towered despite the seemingly insurmountable odds that each era presented is Peace.

The history of our own country shows that it has not been bereft of its share of dark times; and yet, we have always stood firm and unified, much to the astonishment of the rest of the world, because we steadfastly adhered to the path of ahimsa or non-violence.

Let us utilise this opportunity to inculcate in our children unchanged truisms passed down the centuries that reveal the survival of humankind hinges on tranquility.

In passing the baton on to the next generation we are creating Messengers of Peace, secure in the knowledge that triumph ultimately belongs to all that is good and just.
Sangeeta Abhay remembering buddha teaching with Buddha peace messenger sculpture


The keyboard is an integral part of our daily communication. In keeping with the theme of sharing messages through the electronic medium, this unique sculpture of the Buddha in the Bhumisparsha Mudra comprises 108 scrap keyboards. The keyboards constitute eight quotes by the Enlightened One. Even though the average “lifespan” of a keyboard is no more than three to four years at best; the message of peace and love in this extraordinary artwork, now immortal, is bound to resonate for all time. India’s foremost lyricist and poet, Gulzar Saab greatly appreciated the effort that was inspired by the IT Revolution in India.


Yet another fabulous creation, this Buddha showcases a collection of positive news from all across the globe. Such reports in the Press are often buried under a pile of negative and disturbing news. The artist, who loves to create these “good news Buddha” images every year has unearthed the positive articles in that fervent hope that people will refer to them even decades later and thereby realise that no situation is beyond redemption. Just as the good news envelopes the Buddha, so too our lives will be touched by peace and tranquility, the artist fervently hopes.
Sangeeta Abhay - Buddha Tathagata Sculpture spreading joy among the childrens
Budhha  Painiting Suvarna - The Golden Blossom Thumbnail
Enlightenment showcases hidden beauty akin to gold beyond the veil of illusion gold leaf and oil on canvas | 90" X 60"
Buddha Painting - The Glow Thumbnail
Amitabha Buddha with the lotus symbol, also called The Buddha of Infinite Light, represents gentleness and purity oil on canvas | 36" X 36"
Budhha Painting - The awakening Thumbnail
The revelation starts its journey from the gross to the subtle allaying all fears oil on canvas | 48” X 48”
Buddha Painting - The Seeker Thumbnail
The journey can be unique in every way as the seeker gets ready to explore oil on canvas | 48” X 48”
Buddha Painting - Tree of Wisdom Thumbnail
Every revelation has a story to tell like the majestic Bodhi Tree which played host to the enlightenment of love oil on canvas | 48” X 48”
Buddha Painting - True being Thumbnail
We are made up of love in our original state, every single part that gives us form oil on canvas | 48" x 48"
Buddha Painting - The Saharana Thumbnail
The higher consciousness blossoms revealing the devotee to the source oil on canvas | 36” X 36”
Buddha Painting - Bhumi Sparsh Thumbnail
The deep seeds of knowledge and enlightenment sprout under the Bodhi tree gold leaf and oil on canvas | 48” X 48”
Buddha Painting - The Joy of Giving Thumbnail
Pure bliss starts with the joy of giving without expecting anything in return oil on canvas | 48” X 48”
Buddha Painting - Peace Wave Thumbnail
Goodness spreads its vibrations through the waves of purity and bathes every soul in bliss" gold leaf and oil on canvas | 48” X 48”"
Budhha Painting - Detachment Thumbnail
Following a virtuous path in the midst of all entrapments can alleviate every human being gold leaf and oil on canvas | 36” X 48”
Buddha Painting - The Sharing Thumbnail
84 disciples of the Buddha engage in the first learning experience one-on-one oil on canvas | 36” X 36”
Buddha Painting - The Self Discovery Thumbnail
Evolution of oneself is only possible through an experiential journey as a bodhisattva lead and oil on canvas | 48” X 48”
Buddha Painting - The Journey Thumbnail
The Buddha started the journey of sharing the truth with his first five disciples oil on canvas | 30” X 60”
Buddha Painting - The Belonging Thumbnail
The glow of knowledge is always pitched in the white of purity oil on canvas | 48” X 48”
The Golden Aura Buddha Painting Thumbnail in Florence Biennale - Sangeetha Abhay
Every being has divinity and it manifests in the state of purity and selfless love gold leaf and oil on canvas | 36" x 36"
Buddha Painting - Nirvana Thumbnail
As Buddha attained Nirvana the aura of bliss is said to have spread beyond the illusion of earth oil on canvas | 36” X 36”
Buddha Painting - Omnipresence Thumbnail
The Buddha expands his presence all over to give an individual experience to every disciple oil on canvas | 120” X 60”
Sangeeta Abhay Gulzar Poem in Florence Biennale

When the resonance of melodious songs captivates the listener in utmost bliss, they get lost with the tunes and melody which soothes their ears. In a similar way, Sangeeta’s paintings soothe the eyes of the viewers. As Leonardo da Vinci states that "a good painting should not create any emotions in you or disturb you but soothe you as nature" – Sangeeta’s artworks belong to this class. Though most of her paintings are in monochromatic colour scheme, with smooth and soft application of colours, they spread fragrance around and the viewers experience the bliss.

Each painting has a unique message to convey and is woven around the life of Buddha, who spread the inner beauty of life. He won the hearts of people of his times through peace and his message sustained through the centuries influencing the life of many, including Sangeeta. Since her student days, she was fortunate to be close to the world famous Buddhist site Ajanta, which inspired her to choose her subject for painting - Buddha and his life – amidst the artistic environs of Ajanta. She has explored through her artworks, the myriad infestations of Bodhi Tree, standing as the symbol of contemplation and enlightenment. Through her rare sense of imagination, Sangeeta shares with her viewers the depth of understanding of the form, content and enriching colour schemes. Very thoughtfully, she uses colours to show the simplicity of Buddha’s life and his message of peace. In most of the paintings, she has used gold colour to symbolise the glory of that period.

At the same time, other colours overlap gently showing her urge to spread the message of peace. Methodically and carefully, through coloring and texturing, she presents Buddha’s peaceful face, eyes, eyebrows, hand mudras, hair, lotuses, birds and flow of folds of the garments.

Applications of black and white contrast colours are very attractive. In this painting, Buddha inspires the observer to go from dark to light, signifying moving from ignorance to knowledge. Creating transparency with white, which spreads slowly towards bright white to signify awakening of soul towards peace and tranquility.
Another painting in contrast is with white and vermilion. White represents purity of space. A round vermilion circle gives the feeling of movement. Through this movement, one small figure of Shakyamuni emerges from the centre, who wants to give away all his belongings for the cause of peace, knowledge and removes the darkness from every suffering soul.

This painting gives a beautiful effect of merging of vermilion and ultramarine. Peaceful dramatic effect of this painting catches your attention. Transparency brought by the ultramarine and vermilion to the gold gives richness in a subtle way through limited colours. Depicting the state of Buddha after seeking the Enlightenment is difficult for an artist to comprehend and express. The sublimated energies erupt and bloom in a spontaneous blossom of the lotus with a three dimensional effect, as the lotus receives the visual perception of a focal point and knowledge emits overwhelmingly through the Sahasrahara Chakra.

This painting at once leaves the viewer awestruck with the phenomenal size and the handling of space with ease. The multitude of Buddha as if addressing each disciple personally with benign grace displays a high calibre of workmanship with minute details. The brightly lit up central imagery of Buddha is a testimony for the painterly quality, and at the same time stands apart as the source of enlightenment, gracefully holding a padma.

Overall, the collection leaves you with a beautiful feeling. I wish Sangeeta the very best for her exhibition and her search of Buddha

Pushpa Dravid Signature in Florence Biennale - Sangeetha Abhay
Dr. Pushpa Dravid
Artist and Art Researcher

About the Artist

Sangeeta Abhay was born into the lap of art and culture in Buldana, Maharashtra – a quaint town situated against the backdrop of the unparalleled Ajanta caves. Later in life, deeply enamoured by the teachings of the Buddha, she progressed to give vent to her creativity by inculcating the message of the Enlightened One in her paintings and sculptures.

Sangeeta’s journey as an artist began in the Government School of Art, Aurangabad where she gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts and secured the first rank in the University, which earned her a Fellowship. Settling down in Bangalore post marriage, she forayed into the world of advertising where she had a 14-year stint in McCann Erickson.

All through the years, the searing desire to share the message of Lord Buddha was uppermost in Sangeeta’s mind, so she decided to translate her vision onto the Canvas. This resulted in the exceptional Buddha collection, and Bangalore was the venue for her first solo exhibition in 2008.

Spurred by the wide appreciation her work received, Sangeeta participated in group shows and organised solo exhibitions in the US, Indonesia, and different parts of India.

Immersed in the search for the Buddha, Sangeeta sustains her fascination with the Bodhi Tree, under which the Master attained Nirvana. One of the finest examples of the artist incorporating the Buddha’s teachings in her artwork can be witnessed in the brilliant Bhoomi Sparsha concept, which has at its centre Mother Earth in all her glory.

Sangeeta’s journey that has endeavoured to unravel the many mystical facets of the life and times Lord Buddha is universal and timeless. Today, her impressive works of art have earned praise from renowned individuals including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, noted lyricist Gulzar saab, and well-known art researcher and painter Dr. Pushpa Dravid.

“My quest for the Buddha continues,” Sangeeta reveals.

Sangeeta Abhay